What Does #STARWARS Mean To You? #StarWarsDay Ends

I'd ask folks (on my Instagram and Facebook) *What Does #STARWARS Mean To You?* … to myself, the notion and concept of "Star Wars" has become an irresistible aspect of Pop Culture past and present, and it has as well transcended beyond the boundaries of "legitimate" (coined by the paying licensees, not necessarily the "creators") and "bootleg" toys (and by that I meant "non-licensed"), and as a toy-collector, I welcome that opportunity to enjoy that which the many different art forms and interpretations it can afford.

Licensed collectibles sit beside non-licensed "inspired" creations in my humble collection, and that has become a fulfilling notion for me too :)

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BLOG-wise, TOYSREVIL and my SW-dedicated blog @ #starwarsallday had enjoyed two days of #MayTheFourthBeWithYou AKA #StarWarsDay - only because of the differing timezone in Singapore (where I blog and geekout from) and the United States! And also it was a swell "excuse" to geekout for two days LOL

Click on the link(s) to read up all about Star Wars this year, and while I do agree with the message in the IG-pic below (heh), it would be fitting to end my coverage with; May The Fourth Be With You … Until Next Year!



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