PORGS vs Lightsaber

Remember that scene in THE LAST JEDI, where "Porgs" were playing with Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, on planet Ahch-To? Doesn't matter if you don't, as long as you recognise the "Porgs" and find this funny :p

*SPOILER*: Although this makes perfect sense, especially when Chewbacca was attempting to eat a roasted-Porg for dinner, and we don't want our favourite Wookie to be a "Porg-murderer", do we? Heh.

Animated and edited by Visual Effects Artist Daniel Angelo Molinyawe (IG @angelo.vfx / facebook.com/yawe123) using Adobe After Effects.

Luke Skywalker vs Kylo Ren in 16 Bit

If you've not watched STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, then this is absolutely a SPOILER, featuring the finale where Kylo Ren battles Luke Skywalker - which left folks doing undoubtably a double-take (*I loved it, tho!*) - but done in animated "16 bit" by animator John Stratman!


Star Wars Episode VIII Pixel Art from Charsiew Space

In addition to making Comics in Singapore (Lychee Queen & Charsiew Space), Benjamin Chee AKA Charsiew Space also makes PIXEL Art, and featured here are a quartet of GIFSs based on THE LAST JEDI!

Look for all these and more on his Tumblr @ charsiewspace.com, and keep a look-out for his latest comic "MR MEMPHIS" (Written by Wayne Renee)!


This might be the wood-carved bounty hunters you were looking for... Boba Fett & IG-88 from Amanda Visell

This might be the wood-carved bounty hunters you were looking for...? Amanda Visell has listed up her interpretation of BOBA FETT and IG-88 - each with their own mini toy versions of each other hugged tight - each priced at US$400 individually, a pair / set for US$700. Standing about 11 inches tall, they are limited to 10pcs each. Head on over here to purchase these urban folk art collectibles.


Fanboy Dave #3 by @gottalovethesethings

"The last of the series, The Fanboy Dave #3, I made this series to tell the world about some of the things that @davidthekiller (is) crazy about. This #3 is crazy about #stormtrooper. Yup, he's a #starwars fanboy for sure." - shared Indonesia-Based customiser Eric Lesmana AKA @gottalovethesethings (Tagged #onTOYSREVIL). This one-off piece was priced at US$185 (plus shipping), and has since been SOLD.

Eric added; "He's about 6.5" tall, wearing an awesome hoodie from the Galactic Empire collection, a helmet, and an AT-AT to stroll along with. And I believe he also bring a blaster (don't get fooled cause you don't see it on him). Yo! Rebel scum, you better run or hide, this is not the trooper you want to deal with."

Also check out Fanboy#1 and Fanboy#2 if you have not seen them already ... or you might want to hit up Eric for a commission piece? (Email: gottalovethesethings@gmail.com - tell him TOYSREVIL Sent You!)


The BBQ PORG InAction Figure by Forces Of Dorkness

This "BBQ Porg InAction Figure" by Scott Kinnebrew AKA Forces of Dorkness could well be your antidote to the Porg cuteness seen on-screen in The Last Jedi, as a constant reminder of ///// SPOILER ///// THAT scene around the campfire beneath the Millennium Falcon, that one starless night on the planet Ahch-To ... *licks-lips*

Alas this appropriated collectible has since listed to be Sold Out on the online store (Psst: Some extras might be listed tho, so stay sharp!)!

Priced at US$30 per, this was the description on the sales page:

"Stands 3 1/2" Tall and comes in custom resealable packaging. Package is approx 6" w x 9.5" tall. Each Porg is cast in resin from an original sculpt by me. I then hand paint it so it can be part of your epic toy collection. This is a preorder situation and all figures will be shipped by the end of the year. Each order includes a Forces of Dorkness sticker pack and a "resin figure" grab bag."


Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer Spoof by Toon Sandwich

I remembered before watching STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, I'd tried to avoid reading online pre-movie premiere reviews and spoilers ... and even after watching the film, I'd ended up avoiding reading the online reviews and both victory and vitriol for-n-against the 8th instalment of the Star Wars saga!

But THIS spoof of the last The Last Jedi trailer, I could not resist - Thanks for the LOLs, Toon Sandwich :)

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