The Worlds of “The Last Jedi” (A Star Wars Featurette) & Hot Wheels Model Cars with Planets' Names

One of the oft overlooked aspect of the Star Wars lore, were (to me) the locales the characters had dwelled and fought in. It is one thing to have custom-made tailored costumes, alien-designed suits, and even spaceships, but the “biggest” background n these sci-fi-films, is the geographical backdrop - and by that I do not mean the blue/green-screen computer generated sort, yeah?

Build them in studio? Or dress up an existing location? Things like these intrigued me so (especially when I was actively designing for films & media “back in the day”… Location, LOCATION, LOCATION!) … these days however, I marvel at how even “LOCATION” can be used beyond a physical context!

#StarWars Jakku as a model car from #HotWheels

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Interestingly, I spotted these model cars (from Hot Wheels) at the local toystore, and was amazed the toymakers utilised the planets as name/inspiration for their model cars! I only saw two locales being used: “Mustafa” and “Jakku”. In Singapore, we will say; ”Like that also can, ah?”


#StatWars Mustafar as a model car by #HotWheels? I didn’t know they did planet-themed cars! Hahaha

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“HAN THROW FIRST” by TOPZTOY - Banksy versus Han Solo Epic Mash-up Toy!

Launched for pre-orders now on topztoy.storenvy.com is this delightful pop-culture-referenced figure dubbed; “HAN THROW FIRST” - with this being a cocktail mash-up of Banksy’s flower-bouquet hurling “Terrorist”-stencil art, and Star Wars’ “Han Solo” in an incarnation of the eternal question: “Who Shot First?”** = BRILLIANT!

Thailand-based resin-slinger TopzToy really has topped his appropriation of pop-culture to the hilt here, IMHO!

Standing approx. 6" tall, there are currently TWO color way options to be had:

- WHITE & BLUE colorway - Priced at US$85 per, in an edition of 40 pcs, numbered on feet & card.

- Unpainted GREY Edition, priced at US$75 per.

**And if you don’t know your Star Wars-lore, it is when bounty hunter “Greedo” first confronted Solo in the Mos Eisley cantina, whereby a shoot-out occured, and folks were asking “Who Shot First”? Greedo or Han Solo?” Check out the video clip below, to "relive” your pop-culture-past! (Scene begins 5-minutes in :p).


Star Wars Plastic Model by Bandai @ C3 Anime Festival Asia 2017

Spotted on display at the Bandai booth in the 2017 Edition of “Anime Festival Asia” - now rebranded as “C3 Anime Festival Asia” (TAGGED on TOYSREVIL) - at Suntec City Convention Center, 4th floor! Exhibiting from November 24th thru to Sunday November 26th, many of the Star Wars items are on sale and as well pre-orders at the booth itself!

“Star Wars” is alive and well in Singapore, and thriving too, it seems!

Here are some group snaps to share, and May The Force Be With You!

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Meet THE IMPERIALS by Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura for Black Friday Release!

Releasing somewhen on Black Friday, are “THE IMPERIALS” from Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura, who have carved out of wood and hand-painted a total of 7 x ‘Star Wars’-characters who work for the Empire! Amanda adds; ”You don't know which one you'll get. BUT no repeats, so you can collect them all!”

Price is US$175 per pull, with no specific indication of WHERE to purchase, which I reckon its on their online shop @ myswitcheroo.com! Be that as it may, stay tuned to Instagram @amandavisell for any further information for the “WHEN” it will exactly be released online!

Black Friday is gonna be pretty interesting. Imperial. Blind box.

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“Kylo failed you… I won’t” - New TV Spot for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

A new TV Spot for THE LAST JEDI with the key line; Kylo failed you… I won’t. - made by Rey to Luke Skywalker - made the extra new footage seen here, seemed somewhat miniscule on importance by comparison, IMHO.


Star Wars TIE Fighters Storm East Point Mall, Singapore!

As the “Justice League” movie rages on in cinemas, “Star Wars” has invaded Eastpoint Mall (Simei) in Singapore (I was there in the afternoon and chanced upon this :p), with THREE TIE Fighters “flying” thru the main atrium! Really decent builds too, and not some shoddy “decor” to placate the masses, IMHO! I reckon they would make a very decent fit for a 1/4-scaled pilot each, maybe? Here are more pictures!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres December 15th, and it can’t get here sooner enough!

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All this is part of a “STAR WARS™ themed Christmas” happening from 17th November to 24th December, where you’ll ”Go on a galactic journey into the beloved STAR WARS™ universe through life sized dioramas, custom makeovers and many more interactive activities.” And seems this mall might not be the only one showcasing Star Wars! From Centrepoint in Orchard Road, to Bedok Mall (all except China Square Central :p), folks’ll get their Star Wars-fix!

Star Wars THE LAST JEDI: TV Spots & New Posters

A quartet of TV Spots for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI (featured below / via), along with 2 more movie posters - one for IMAX, and the other for ‘Dolby Cinema’ (via/via), for today’s coverage of the next Star Wars feature film to be unleashed in December and eat our collective pop-culture brains!

That Rey in red cowl tho…!