Pre-orders for SCOUT.TROOP at Coin Rides Game #5 by Fools Paradise Begins!

Pre-orders has started for “Scout.Troop at Coin Rides Game #5” by Fools Paradise on doublefools.blogspot.com!

Limited to a maximum of 299 pieces worldwide (Made To Order), the Star Wars Scout Trooper-themed collectible sees Keiko dressed up and sat atop her Speeder Bike - standing approx. 30cm tall, made on Vinyl + PVC.

Priced at US$269 (+30US Global Shipping), with a ship-out on 2nd Quarter of 2017. Pre-order period is March 13th thru to March 28th, 2017.

The concept of this line of collectibles are that the “rides” mimic that of old school coin operated stationary rides, whereby kids pop in a coin, to have the machine “move” within a limited space/distance.

In lieu of a “life-sized” ride, we can relive our glorious memories of the galactic adventure via desktop/toy-display collectibles!

The “coin op machines” are all ridden by a faceless female costumer/cosplayer character created Fools Paradise, named “Keiko”, who adorn enlarged stylized helmets, gloves and boots, and very little else.

This is the fourth Star Wars-inspired Ride to be released thus far!

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