“KID V & PRINCESS” by Wetworks For Aug 18th Pre-Orders

Carlo Chaco AKA Wetworks is back again with yet another of his interpretation of Star Wars characters, with “KID V & PRINCESS” available for pre-orders on wetworks.bigcartel.com this Friday, 18th of August, 10pm SGT!

Looks like Bobett’ll have a “friend” to play with soon! Did you manage to snag his K-Bot too?

Featuring cardback art by Bianca Lesaca on this blister-carded figure set, stay tuned for further product updates (i.e. “Price” and “Quantity”) … meanwhile, scroll thru for snaps!

good morning sleepyhead ☕️πŸͺ

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Darth Trump & Trump Wars Arcade Cabinets for San Diego Comic Con 2017

DARTH TRUMP by Special Ed Toys is the third incarnation of his “Darth Trump” figure (Winner of the 2017 Designer Toy Awards for “Best Non-Licensed (non-plastic)”), with this hand cast and hand painted 3.75" figure in a Blue GID colorway (AKA “Force Ghost” in Star Wars-lore :p). Priced at US$110 per, this is limited to 50 pieces, signed and numbered on the back of the card.

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"From bootleg toys to terrible "art" of dubious quality, there is no type of "artistic" medium I won't shamelessly exploit in my mission to bring a little bit of terribleness into collector's homes far and wide!" (Instagram @specialedtoys)

TRUMP WARS ARCADE CABINET by Timebandits x Special Ed Toys x Carlos Flores are each priced at US$45, in an edition of 25pcs, with each one is signed and numbered by Special Ed. So what exactly the heck is it?
"So Special Ed and Timebandits met this guy Carlos Flores who makes the coolest vintage arcade cabinets that are 3.75" scale. They decided why not make one for Darth Trump to play? Edition of 25. They come boxed with a full color graphics card on top."

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Look for these at the DKE Toys Booth #5045 and much more Star Wars-themed exclusives at San Diego Comic Con 2017 (July 20–23) - Tell’em TOYSREVIL SENT YA’!


“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” - Behind The Scenes & Character Posters from D23

Go behind the scenes of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, with this "behind the scenes" featurette debuting at the “D23” Disney Expo over the weekend. This is the most visual images seen thus far, since the first teaser (and the unfortunate passing of Carrie Fisher), and no doubt leave fans excited and full of speculation! I’m personally waiting for the “what did we notice” video breakdowns to come online LOL

Hey, Im not knocking any of it, as this is what fuels the lore from generation to the next, IMHO. “Star Wars” is not just about what you saw/see/will-see in the screen in front of you, but of the memories everyone (might) have with it, the dreams fulfilment of many, and the “hopes” for the few, to make a difference in the world, in the universe, even if it meant a video breaking down a featurette, IMHO :)

Featured here are also 6 x character posters (courtesy of @starwars on Twitter), with each individual bathed in red. I am liking the restraint and color-choice for SW8 thus far, a splendid concoction of red, black and white accents - Hey! Just like the TOYSREVIL logo-colors! Heh.

Directed by Rian Johnson, Star Wars: The Last Jedi AKA “Episode 8” in theatres December 15th, 2017.


More Star Wars-inspired Indie Toy Collectibles for San Diego Comic Con at DKE Toys Booth #5045

A brand new round of reveals for what DKE Toys has in-store for their Booth #5045 at the coming San Diego Comic Con 2017 (July 20–23) - featuring another round of Star Wars-inspired indie toys/collectibles! Adding to their previous reveals, this will NOT be the last update tho - So Stay Tuned!

STR WAS: DTH VDR by Mark Todd (marktoddillustration.com / @mark_todd) is hand-sculpted by Mark himself, cast in resin and then he hand painted each one and crafted a cape and saber. The card back is printed on a risograph which is the same type of machine his zines are printed on. Signed and numbered edition of 30 at US$55 each.

ARTIST BIO: "Like many kids raised in the 70's, Mark was influenced at an early age by Star Wars and comic books. Unlike many kids, he grew up just a few miles from the Vegas strip, it's neon and glitz looming over the city. He graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and currently lives and works in the Los Angeles area with his wife, artist Esther Pearl Watson, their daughter Lili and two French Bulldogs, Mr. Pickles and Gherkin."

SANTO VADER by Carlos Ramirez (@C.ramirez2323 / Facebook) features a hand made a wooden figure - by Carlos - which was cast in resin. He hand painted and decorated each one individually and carded them on a hand painted card back which is cut from plywood. Each one is unique. Signed and numbered out of 30 on the back, each priced at US$100 per. Each figure is about 4 inches tall.

(Below: just some of the different colorways to be had!)

R2-DPoo by Random Skull Productions (@randomskullproductions / Facebook) features hand cast and painted 3.75" carded resin figure, Signed and numbered edition of 40, each priced at US$45 per.

ARTIST BIO: "Alex Hallman was born and raised in Pottstown, PA, a small city right outside of Philadelphia. He started Random Skull Productions in the summer of 2013 with two original sculpts one of which was Darth Buddha. With the help of Instagram and a few friends his resin casting and custom toy career took off. Some of his other releases include Sid the Slug and Casey the Coffin. "

Starkiller Coffee by Killer Bootlegs (Instagram/Twitter: @killerbootlegs) feature hand-cast and painted 3.75" scale carded resin figure. Signed and numbered edition of 50, each priced at US$55 per.
ARTIST BIO: "Born in the 80s, Killer Bootlegs artist Peter Goral's childhood was saturated with action figures, cartoons, and classic movies. When he was 4 years old, his father showed him a bootleg copy of The Empire Strikes Back. Little did he know that this would start Peter on the path to being at the forefront of the bootleg toy movement. Today, Peter's artwork is highly sought after by collectors and has been in galleries worldwide. He has inspired and mentored countless other resin artists to follow in his footsteps. What started as a hobby collecting toys has grown into a full-time career for Peter, letting him do what he loves best every day, play with toys."


Star Wars-Inspired Collectible Goodness for San Diego Comic Con at DKE Toys Booth #5045

Today we have a STAR WARS-fueled round of bootleg-toy-newsery from the good folks at DKE Toys to share, of goodies destined for availability at the coming San Diego Comic Con 2017 (July 20–23) via Booth #5045 - featuring works from Jason Chalker/Manly Art, Credenda Studios, Jason Adams and DrilOne!

BOUNTY HUNTER by Manly Art is in a limited run of only 24pcs, with each backing card being an actual original painting! All 24 are different portraits of everyone’s favorite Bounty Hunter, coming in signed and numbered out of 24. Price is US$150 and comes with a sparkly blue Fett resin figure.
"Jason Chalker (aka Manly Art) is an East-Coast based illustrator and toy maker. He has done illustration work for Upper Deck and Topps on brands such as Marvel, Mars Attacks, and Star Wars. His Pimp2-D2 action figure line has managed to find its way into the collection at Rancho Obi-Wan and the homes of collectors around the world."

MUCKUSS by Credenda Studios
Hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figure
Signed and numbered edition of 30
PRICED at US$65.00 per.
"Beau Greener of Credenda Studios has a follow up to his bounty hunter horror film mash up line. The previously sold out Freddy Fett, Bossk Lives and Galactic Chainsaw Massacre is followed by Muckuss which mashes up Zuckuss with Michael Meyers."

A little something new in the works for SDCC! Any guesses what it might be?

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JOB WARS by Jason Adams
Hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figure.
Signed and numbered edition of 20.
PRICED at US$55.00 per.
ARTIST BIO: "From Fort Worth, Texas, Jason is an approved Lucasfilm artist (Topps Star Wars sketchcards), Marvel artist (Upper Deck sketchcards), and has done cover work for BOOM!- Studios (Bravest Warriors). Influenced by early punk rock, Jason employs DIY style that uses hand cut stencils, spray paint, and markers to create unique original pieces. When he’s not spray painting, Jason also works in the custom toy world creating hand poured resin action figures."

DrilOne made a Vader helmet a few years ago for DesignerCon that was a Mad Max mash up. He turned that image into a pin (see below). “BOSS VADERUS MAXIMUS” is the "Soviet Era" color way with a red star on the forehead. Limited to 100 pieces. US$10 each. #EPIC.


YOCLOPS by Little Lazies for DKEToys @ San Diego Comic Con #SDCC2017

Available at DKE TOYS’ booth#5045 at the coming San Diego Comic Con 2017 (July 20–23) is “YOCLOPS” by Little Lazies, and a right decent bargain, if you ask me! Find out WHY:
"This is one of the most special exclusives DKE has ever had. Each piece has been hand sculpted by Leah Lester of Little Lazies. No two are exactly the same but they are so close to one another that it's kind of hard to imagine that they aren't cast and she made 50 of them!They are signed and numbered on the bottom of the figure and carded in a package she designed and are only US$55."

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ARTIST BIO: "Little Lazies are weird, little, clay creatures made by Leah Lester, a monster maker living in Seattle, WA. How did it all start? Leah was a full time cake decorator who very much enjoyed sculpting out of edible paste for the cakes she created. One sunny day in June 2010 she said to herself, "I want to make a monster for the top of this cake!" So she did just that... Soon after, her friends started encouraging her to create these characters into clay; something that they could keep for a lifetime. So with that, Leah bought some clay and with lots of practice, experimenting, character developing and imagination her monsters evolved into what they are today - the Little Lazies!"


MECHASOUL BOBAFETT Print by Clogtwo Available Now for 24hour Time Release

Released for 24hours pre-order NOW on www.inkandclog.bigcartel.com is this magnificent “MECHASOUL BOBAFETT” print, with illustration by Clogtwo - showcasing a mechanical style take on the galactic bounty hunter; Bobafett!

Available in two sizes (and prices): 11" x 11" (for US$50 per) and 16" x 16" (for US$7 per), sales for this time release art print ends 2nd July 2017 @ 0000hrs GMT. Would go utterly awesome with Mechasoul Stormtrooper and Mechasoul Vader - Just like his ”Big 3” Art Prints from 2015!

Premium fine art print
Archival ink on 300 gsm acid-free paper
All prints are signed, embossed and numbered

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The Coming of K-BOT from Wetworks

Carlo Andrada Cacho AKA Wetworks continues his foray into interpretating Star Wars characters in his SD-style, with “K-BOT” seen here housed in a resealable card back packaging (featuring art by Levi Prewitt), who you might recognise to be somewhat “similar” to “K-2SO” from “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” :)

Available for sale “soon”! As for “How Soon?”, I’d advice you to stake out his Instagram @iamwetworks for deets!

Meanwhile, scroll thru to see the making of K-BOT!

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Resealable Packaging ☕️πŸͺ

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MECHASOUL STORMTROOPER Print from Clogtwo for 24hour Orders

Opened for 24hours pre-order on inkandclog.bigcartel.com is this splendid mechanical style take on the galactic soldiers from Star Wars, courtesy of Clogtwo (Remember his Mechasoul Vader?).

The “MECHASOUL STORMTROOPER” Print is available in two sizes: 11" x 11" (for US$50 each) and 16" x 16" (for US$70 each), this “premium fine art print“ featured archival ink on 300 gsm acid-free paper, with all prints signed, embossed and numbered. Sales end 13th June 2017 - 0000hrs GMT (*Reads “13th July” on the sales page tho :p). Time to hop to it, STAT!


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Star Wars-inspired “SW_03 Series” from 1000Tentacles

In continuation of his previous 2 x Star Wars-themed series, this year (Series 01 / Series 02), 1000Tentacles has released Series 03! Consisting of a total of 5 characters - Each character has a limited edition of only 25pcs worldwide. Estimated Delivery Date of these resin figures - designed, sculpted AND hand-painted by WanKok Leong himself (!!!) is the 2nd quarter of 2018.

Available to purchase individually or as a Set of 5, folks interested are to contact/direct email “pkokartz@yahoo.com” or DM via their Facebook for pricing and availability details - Tell them ”TOYSREVIL Sent You!” :)

Meanwhile, scroll thru to see further individual images of the crew - along with words/notes from WanKok about his process - with the whole SW_03 sculpting-to-coloring process taking around 5 months to complete, ”on and off amid my other toy projects.” ~ shared WanKok!


- Figure Dimension: 6W x 4.5L x 20.5H in cm
- Wooden stand: 6.5 cm
- Worldwide Limited Edition: 25pcs
"When designing, the first thing that comes to my mind is how to present the characters with a new twist, giving them a new breath of design, (while still) maintaining my style, and yet people will still recognize (the characters). This is the main challenge for me. Second to that, are the coloring issues…" - shared WanKok.

- Figure Dimension: 9W x 7L x 15.5H in cm
- Wooden stand: 6.5 cm
- Worldwide Limited Edition: 25pcs

Play toy, stay youthful. ηŽ©ηŽ©ε…·ηš„δΊΊδΈδΌšθ€。

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- Figure Dimension: 8.5W x 3.5L x 22.5H in cm
- Wooden stand: 6.5 cm
- Worldwide Limited Edition: 25pcs
"…For instance, the Golden Droid. It poses some difficulties because of it’s “gold” color. To capture the right kind of gold is not easy. I have tried different approaches of painting, tested with various brands of Gold colors. Adding to the challenge is the weathering effect on him. (I had never intended) to have him looking "shiny and brand new". I want him to look a bit (worn-out).

On the designing aspect - as you can see - the abdoment of Golden Droid. Instead of plain wires going around, I had purposely made them look like “intestines”. I like gory stuff :)"
- revealed WanKok.

(Above) LONG EAR
- Figure Dimension: 5W x 6.5L x 18H in cm
- Wooden stand: 6.5 cm
- Worldwide Limited Edition: 25pcs

- Figure Dimension: 6W x 4.5L x 23H in cm
- Wooden stand: 6.5 cm
- Worldwide Limited Edition: 25pcs
"The main challenge this time is different from Golden Droid. It is the issue of proportion. The very first design is very different from what you see now. I disliked the initial design and scrapped the whole sculpture. The proportion just did not click with my taste. I changed the head, making it way smaller and elongated the body. I dressed him with a cape covering half his shoulder, all the way back. With the cape flowing, it has a feel of a "monk" hunter." - shared WanKok Leong of 1000Tentacles


Finn’s hand-blaster in the coming “The Last Jedi” instagrammed for everyone to post about LOL (thanks to lrmonline.com for the headsup) in this continued overage of the “Star Wars” film, not longer after their Vanity Fair shoot too!

Scroll down for full video clip of the gun - no doubt to be a “toy” (if ever “they” are still selling guns in the toy-aisle, or at the very least a hands-on-reference for eventual cosplay adaptation (innit?) - and for a peek at the Vanity Fair cover, featuring “Poe”!

Proud owner of Finn's blaster ! Thanks to @riancjohnson !

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(Above cropped image photographed by Annie Leibovitz / Full image HERE)

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The Last Jedi Behind The Scenes for Vanity Fair Shoot

Vanity Fair has revealed late this past week their photoshoots for “The Last Jedi” - which resulted in covers and page spread - featuring the return of the cast from earlier “The Force Awakens”, and as well the late Carrie Fisher. A few casting reveals here as well - including Benicio Del Toro and Laura Dern.

Courtesy of actor Mark Hamill, we get to have a peek at these Annie Leibovitz photographed images in front of and behind the camera!

Source: itsmarkhamill