Video Recap of "Gang Wars" by Band of Doodlers

If you've (like myself) had missed the BAND OF DOODLERS "Gang Wars" art exhibition in conjunction with May the 4th Star Wars Day (BLOGGED), here's a recap video to sate our desires for fanart of intergalactic proportions! The 501st Singapore Garrison turned up for a special appearance too!

The event as well showcased their limited edition playing cards, currently purchasable online via for $20.00! #NEED
WHAT-IS: "A deck of 52 playing cards and 2 joker cards all uniquely designed by Band of Doodlers bandits. Each deck also comes with a blank card for you to doodle on."

WHAT IS "GANG WARS": "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, feuding gangs clashed culminating in an epic showdown. On one side, the coalition between the Imperial Yakuza Warriors and the Dark Side Punk Hooligans. On the other, an alliance between the Cholo Crew Resistance Fighters and the Rebel Mafia Mob. This is the Gang Wars."


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