#playingwith BOBA K. SLAVE Coin Ride Game #2 from Fools Paradise

And while I'm gearing up for a full toy review, here's a quick look at Fools Paradise's BOBA K. SLAVE, with this second release in their "Coin Rides Game" line (READ MY REVIEW for #1's SAND K.TROOP) since "sold out" on their website!

FYI: Folks currently in Thailand over the next few days can check out their "Darth Vader Keiko" in TIE Fighter-inspired Darkside K.X1 on display at Thailand Toy Expo 2016 too!

Designed by Alan Ng for his Hong Kong-brand (THNAKS for your generosity, buddy!), the by-now infamous "Keiko" dons the gears and colors of the intergalactic bounty hunter in Star Wars-lore: "Boba Fett", riding her "Slave-1"!

Enjoy the videos featured here, and get your hands on these babies if you come across any! (FYI: Direct online retail was US$280 retail, including $20 for shipping).

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