STAR WARS: Darth by Darthwest

“DARTH BY DARTHWEST” (“VADOR AUX TROUSSES”) see Fabrice Mathieu (who Edited and Directed) mash-up the classic Alfred Hitchcock-directed film "North by Northwest" - starring Cary Grant - with George Lucas' "Star Wars".

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水手服與光劍 / Sailor Girl with Jedi Lightsaber Fight - Force Awakens by TangYi Studio

"水手服與光劍 / Sailor Girl with Jedi Lightsaber Fight" from TangYi Studio showcases a (tiny) sailor uniform dressed lady with a lightsaber, fighting an old dude (whose "relationship" to said girl is expected) … and of course "most" of the screengrabs here feature the Sailor Girl, because she is rocking a Sith Red lightsaber!


Video Recap of "Gang Wars" by Band of Doodlers

If you've (like myself) had missed the BAND OF DOODLERS "Gang Wars" art exhibition in conjunction with May the 4th Star Wars Day (BLOGGED), here's a recap video to sate our desires for fanart of intergalactic proportions! The 501st Singapore Garrison turned up for a special appearance too!

The event as well showcased their limited edition playing cards, currently purchasable online via shop.bandofdoodlers.com for $20.00! #NEED
WHAT-IS: "A deck of 52 playing cards and 2 joker cards all uniquely designed by Band of Doodlers bandits. Each deck also comes with a blank card for you to doodle on."

WHAT IS "GANG WARS": "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, feuding gangs clashed culminating in an epic showdown. On one side, the coalition between the Imperial Yakuza Warriors and the Dark Side Punk Hooligans. On the other, an alliance between the Cholo Crew Resistance Fighters and the Rebel Mafia Mob. This is the Gang Wars."

Star Wars Death Star Awesome Maglev Bluetooth Speaker

Building A LEGO Millennium Falcon


Pre-orders for "DARKSIDE K.X1 at Coin Rides Game #3" by Fools Paradise from May 16-26, 2016)

Since it's display debut at the recent Thailand Toy Expo 2016 (featured at bottom of this post), Fools Paradise's 3rd entry into their "Coin Rides Game" line-up speeds into pre-orders full thrusters on beginning May 16th to May 26rh online via doublefools.blogspot.com!

"DARKSIDE K.X1 at Coin Rides Game #3" is priced at US$269 apiece (+30US Global Shipping), and will be "Made To Order" (with a maximum 500 pieces worldwide limit). Standing approximately 31cm tall, Keiko comes dressed like Sith Lord Vader, riding a TIE Fighter, and will be available to ship from the 3rd Quarter of 2016.

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CHUNKY Astromech Droid by Alex Solis x VTSS Toys Releases May 12th

Chunky Astromech Droid PRESS: "“Famous Chunkies” is a series project by artist Alex Solis and VTSS from 2015. VTSS already released six characters, they are Dark Lord, Trooper, The Grand Master, The Jedi, Boba Fet and Jango Fet. Now VTSS will release the newest one “Chunky Astromech Droid”, it has a real functional LED light and a click button on back, 14cm tall in poly stone, Every Astromech Droid has a COA card which is signed and numbered by artist. "

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Limited to only 120 pieces, each 5.5 inch tall figure is priced at US$140 apiece (free worldwide shipping), VTSS will begin pre-order on May 12th (timing listed below), with a ship-out scheduled on the third week of June. Available for purchase at www.vtsstoys.com, with more worldwide stores and galleries coming soon.

Order date & time: May 12, 2016
-8AM Los Angeles Time
-11AM New York Time
-11PM Taiwan Time
-4 PM London Time
-12AM (May 13) Tokyo Time

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Vader vs Boy


What Does #STARWARS Mean To You? #StarWarsDay Ends

I'd ask folks (on my Instagram and Facebook) *What Does #STARWARS Mean To You?* … to myself, the notion and concept of "Star Wars" has become an irresistible aspect of Pop Culture past and present, and it has as well transcended beyond the boundaries of "legitimate" (coined by the paying licensees, not necessarily the "creators") and "bootleg" toys (and by that I meant "non-licensed"), and as a toy-collector, I welcome that opportunity to enjoy that which the many different art forms and interpretations it can afford.

Licensed collectibles sit beside non-licensed "inspired" creations in my humble collection, and that has become a fulfilling notion for me too :)

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BLOG-wise, TOYSREVIL and my SW-dedicated blog @ #starwarsallday had enjoyed two days of #MayTheFourthBeWithYou AKA #StarWarsDay - only because of the differing timezone in Singapore (where I blog and geekout from) and the United States! And also it was a swell "excuse" to geekout for two days LOL

Click on the link(s) to read up all about Star Wars this year, and while I do agree with the message in the IG-pic below (heh), it would be fitting to end my coverage with; May The Fourth Be With You … Until Next Year!


LEGO Imperial Destroyer Tyrant by DOOMHANDLE


My #DrawAWookie & #DrawAJawa for #StarWarsDay2016

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#playingwith BOBA K. SLAVE Coin Ride Game #2 from Fools Paradise

And while I'm gearing up for a full toy review, here's a quick look at Fools Paradise's BOBA K. SLAVE, with this second release in their "Coin Rides Game" line (READ MY REVIEW for #1's SAND K.TROOP) since "sold out" on their website!

FYI: Folks currently in Thailand over the next few days can check out their "Darth Vader Keiko" in TIE Fighter-inspired Darkside K.X1 on display at Thailand Toy Expo 2016 too!

Designed by Alan Ng for his Hong Kong-brand (THNAKS for your generosity, buddy!), the by-now infamous "Keiko" dons the gears and colors of the intergalactic bounty hunter in Star Wars-lore: "Boba Fett", riding her "Slave-1"!

Enjoy the videos featured here, and get your hands on these babies if you come across any! (FYI: Direct online retail was US$280 retail, including $20 for shipping).

Steampunk'd Stormtrooper Helmet by PsyfoolRulez Customz

Spotted at last weekend's Star Wars Day SG, was this splendid Custom Stormtrooper Helmet of display at PsyfoolRulez-Customz's table, for which I'd love to take a closer look at!

Decked out in glorious steampunk aesthetics - something all too rare in the local scene in the first place - the custom is made from a "Design A Viny Storm" helmet base by Tara Toy Corp, with much details and effort designed thru and executed (featured below), with the result a distinct thrill to discover - at least for me!

Folks'll do well to stay connected to Muhammad Shahiful Mahmood via his Instagram @psyfoolrulez_customz and Facebook Artist Page!

Bronzed!... 😎 #steampunked #steampunkhelmet #stormtrooper #stormtrooperhelmet #bronzed #vinylhelmet #customhelmet #designerhelmet

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Steam piping in progress using thick wires.. #steampunk #steampunkhelmet #stormtroopersteampunk #stormtrooper

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Even more steam pipings!.. #steampipings #steampunked #steampunkhelmet #steampunk #stormtroopersteampunk #stormtrooper

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Another view... #steampunked #steampunk #steampunkhelmet #steampunkstormtrooper #stormtrooper #vinylhelmet #customhelmet #starwarsday

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Day 2! #starwarsday #maythe4th #maytheforcebewithyou #maythefourth

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