Band of Doodlers declares "GANG WAR" on Star Wars Art Fans! Exhibition Launches May 4th @ BOD Hideout

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The Galactic Denizens of Star Wars remained as Gang Members of different warring clans vie for the supremacy of the Universe, in "GANG WARS" from local doodle specialists; Band Of Doodlers - and will manifest as a Deck of Playing Cards, to debut at an exhibition launching May The 4th! How exquisite is that?
ABOUT: "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, feuding gangs clashed culminating in an epic showdown. On one side, the coalition between the Imperial Yakuza Warriors and the Dark Side Punk Hooligans. On the other, an alliance between the Cholo Crew Resistance Fighters and the Rebel Mafia Mob. This is the Gang Wars." (Facebook Events Page)

The exhibition is held at the "BOD Hideout" (@ Tan Boon Liat Building - 315 Outram Road #08-06A, S169074 ) with the event opening at 7pm. Available for purchase include a deck of playing cards featuring 52 artworks illustrated by BOD artists, with select artwork previews featured below (all images via IG @bandofdoodlers).

There is a blank card included in the deck, and folks attending the launch can get their live doodles on it by BOD artists! Totally Rad!

I will attempt to update on online/International availability of the decks, if/when I have the information.

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There will also sale of Band of Doodlers' premium quality sketch book and limited prints in A3 (only 39 limited pieces of 30 selected design from the deck in the 39th anniversary of Star Wars). Times like these, I wish my salary has come in …. *man-sob*


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