Funko #StarWarsDay Pop!Vinyl Announcements: #TheForceAwakens + Classic #StarWars Pop!s

Funko "celebrates" Star Wars Day by announcing their next wave of The Force Awakens Pop! figures, including exclusives with their usual mass market retailer-brands. Also included in the spread are "classic" Luke and Yoda Pop!s. To see a release in July 2016, do check in with your fav retailers for availability. Meanwhile, scroll down for deets!

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Pop! Star Wars: The Force Awakens includes "General Leia Organa" and hermit "Luke Skywalker", "Maz Kanata" and her protocol droid "ME-8D9". The heroine of SW7; "Rey", and an unmasked "Kylo Ren". "General Hux" of the First Order, and a foot soldier from the Guavian Death Gang rounds out the standard releases.

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For the brand(s) exclusives, we have the following:

- Target Exclusive "Maz"
- GameStop Exclusive "Rey" wearing an X-Wing helmet and clasps a small doll to remember her family.
- Hot Topic Exclusive "Poe Dameron" in his jacket, out of pilot-gear.
- Walgreens Exclusive "Rey" in her gear seen in final scene in SW7.
- FYE Exclusive "Poe Dameron" in his X-Wing pilot uniform.

Pop! Star Wars FUNKO PRESS: "Bespin Luke Skywalker is from the original Star Wars trilogy and commemorates the moment just before Luke learns the truth about his past. Endor Luke shows the young Jedi coming into his own! Dagobah Yoda is ready to take on the young Skywalker as his final student!" (ALL individual images seen above can be found HERE on FACEBOOK)


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