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Walking out of the air-conditioned comforts of Kallang Wave Mall into the outdoor sheltered OCBC Square where the 2016 Edition of Star Wars Day SG was held, an idea struck me, that if the red cloth skirting of the tables had been "black", or if there were multiple dark colored crates around, it would plausibly look like a setting from "Rogue One" - in the aircraft hangar, with the huge covering canopy that which was over OCBC Square, maybe? … well, at least in my imaginations, anyways…

May 1st Sunday was the second day of the Labor Day weekend when the #May4th celebrations were held, in spirit, of course (May the 4th would be in the middle of the week on a Wednesday, innit? :p), in in typical SG-spirit, we geek-on in advance! (Then maybe geek-on online on Wed too = double the geekery, init? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA

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Coming in after attending a wedding, I was not togged out in my Star Wars geek-wear, but nevertheless bumped into some friends - which is always a thrill - and took some snaps (some off which are shown here, most uploaded HERE on Facebook), and a coupla video clips to share!

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Of course the TOYS grabbed my attention - from vintage to customs, including custom vintage style cardbacks from "Mr Slopes" (@slopesurfer) at "Boyan Customs" (@boyan_customs), and I never thought I'd be able to see Carlo's / @iamwetworks' custom SW in person too! And of course the myriad of customs, hobby kits and production toys, were a dizzying affair (considering TOYSREVIL being a toys-blog first and foremost LOL).

(A closer look at customs from Boyan Customs )
(A closer look at customs from Wetworks )

"Live" drawing came from Rachta Lin ( / Instagram @rachtalin - seen in video above), and the Band of Doodlers (with SG$10 per portrait, to benefit charity), who as well had a quartet of artwork on auction (displayed at the main stage), to benefit Make A Wish Foundation (image below).

Star Wars Day this year was such a "family affair" - at least from the folks I'd had the chance to meet. From recognizing "red lightsabers" to be by the evil "Sith", to kids literally trotting about with a lightsaber in hand, ever ready for a photo-op, was such a warm fuzzy feeling to behold.

The Padawans will soon grow to be full Jedis, while we endure as the remnants of the Old Republic … Feels kinda "sad", and exhilarating at the same time!

Kudos to the organizers for keeping The Force alive, and May The Force Be With You All!




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