Matt ("The Radar Technician") by Wetworks

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The SNL "Undercover Boss" / Kylo Ren parody (Go View the Video Here, no worries I'll be here waiting'…) sure is doing it rounds in the toy-circuit, what with DIY-"bootlegs" and upcoming toy releases … and a new piece has joined it's ranks! Introducing "Matt The Radar Technician"!

From Singapore-based Carlo Cacho AKA Wetworks, who has since sculpted an all-original headsculpt of the bespectacled and blonde Adam Driver, and kitted out in a full body with suit and harness!

Standing 6" tall, this figure is 1/12th scle and features ahand-sculpted head, with the body came from a 3A figure. Next step? "Blister Card" packaging!

getting there #matt #starwars #theforceawakens #arttoy #artfigure #designertoy

A photo posted by @iamwetworks on

Want to get a slice of this toy-action? Alas this was done as a one-off, as part of his own personal Artist Series, whom he added was "…super crazy to paint that small fella!" … BUT if you're keen to commission Carlo, go on to his Instagram @iamwetworks to bug him MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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