George Lucas on Charlie Rose

"George Lucas has criticized the latest installment of “Star Wars,” the series he created, in an interview with Charlie Rose, describing the film as too “retro” for his taste and jokingly comparing the Walt Disney Company, which bought the rights to the franchise in 2012, to “white slavers” who had bought his children.

The hourlong interview, broadcast on Dec. 25 and released online this week, focused on Mr. Lucas’s legacy, which was celebrated at the Kennedy Center Honors this month."
(Read more here in the video's captions)

Aaaah yes, the by-now infamous buzzwords surrounding Lucas' reaction(s) to "The Force Awakens", now "heard" in these videos, and not read and quoted on websites!

Listen to what he says, and decide for yourselves his words and intentions. Featured below are specific excerpts, including "the break up" and George Lucas explains how "Star Wars" changed the movie industry; for both good and evil...

""It's a very very very hard thing to do." George Lucas​ explains why he had to "break up" with Star Wars​ so that he and 'The Force Awakens' could both move on."
"George Lucas explains how "Star Wars" changed the movie industry -- for both good and evil."

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