Reservoir Troopers & Mavi Krom Uzay by RYCA for #DKEToys at #NYCC2016

RESERVOIR TROOPERS BY RYCA: "Wow what a set!!! 6 figures for $165 based on the sold out print edition of the same name. Each card is a multi color silk screen with 6 hand cast and painted 3.75" figures. Need we say more. Only 20 of these signed and numbered babies available. WTF!!!"

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MAVI KROM UZAY by RYCA: "The conversation went like this: "Hey Ryan can you send me one of those blue Uzay figures I saw online the other day?" Reply: "I am sending you a bunch of them with some other chase figures included. Oh yeah and you can price them at $45 each." WTF x2!!! Hand cast and painted 3.75" resin figures on silk screened card back.
Figure is based on the original bootleg "Uzay" Turkish toys .... The most famous being the blue stars, a blue Snow Trooper. Mavi Krom Uzay is a Turkish translation of "blue chrome stars”."
ARTIST BIO: "Ryan Callanan a.k.a RYCA has long since been one of the most sought after artists at artrepublic. He burst onto the scene back in 2006 with his Star Wars inspired print, Reservoir Troopers (red) that sold out at in astonishingly quick time. In May of the same year thieves broke into the gallery and stole the same piece, believing it to be a Banksy. The artist told us at the time that he was quite chuffed with the mistake. He graduated from art school in 2002 and was inspired to create his first print, Ona Islam after visiting the acclaimed London exhibition of Banksy works, 'Santa's Ghetto' in 2006. Other sources of inspiration include cult classics, the Star Wars franchise, Pop Art, and the Renaissance. uDrawing inspiration for his career as a 3D sign writer, RYCA incorporates a wide use of materials including resin and glass into his sculptural pieces. With his in-depth knowledge of materials and craftsmanship he is currently working on new projects with hip-hop song lyrics alongside numerous public commissions. RYCA made headlines when he realized his 'Acid Cup', a handcrafted replicate of the World Cup trophy, to coincide with the 2014 tournament in Brazil. Big Beat DJ and Brighton hero Fatboy Slim loved RYCA's sculpture so much he took one on tour with him as he played a host of huge gigs around the country. He has exhibited worldwide and enjoyed a number of highly successful solo shows, also collaborating with a number of well respected artists including Ben Eine, David Walker and Stik."


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