Guess Which Star Wars: The Force Awakens Character I Pulled for my 3D Pencil Topper?

So I've been fighting a taste for chocolate for nearly a week now … and today coming back from my morning monthly visit to the local polyclinic (going back again later in the afternoon as the system was down and the queue was ridiculous), I gave in and walked into my neighborhood convenience store to hunt for the treat, until I found a (possible) solution to both my choco-desires, and urge to buy toys! And also, better alternative to "chips" too, no?

"FREE" 3D Pencil Toppers from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with 4 designs to be had randomly: First Order Storm Trooper, BB-8 (both of whom I'd be perfectly happy with getting), Chewbacca (love you, Chewie, but…) and C3PO (never did seem to have much love for him, alas… :p).

"Fun" that you could cut out the back of the box to do a dioramic setting too tho - nice job "Nestle" :)

Scroll down to see the character I managed to pull … and that made a Happy Friday (so far) for me … I am a simple man with simple needs hahahaha


I'll be happy with a First Order Storm Trooper or BB8, fhanks! :) #henglife

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And I am happy with the pencil topper from #StarWars #theforceawakens - yay! #henglife #littlevictories

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