Pop! Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Funko Drops In January

Funko increases their Star Wars: The Force Awakens POP! Vinyls army with a slew of new character figures, slated for a January-drop (which is NOW), so check in with your fav retailer for availability. Pop! Vinyls has seen an explosion of availability in Singapore stores, from toy shops to video game shops to even cubical-rental space locales - quite an overload, methinks. Regardless, hey are EVERYWHERE here... although I am wondering how local collectors take to it?

FUNKO PRESS: "Smuggler. Scoundrel. Hero. Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon, was one of the great leaders of the Rebel Alliance. Princess Leia Organa was one of the Rebel Alliance’s greatest leaders, fearless on the battlefield and dedicated to ending the tyranny of the Empire.

A veteran commander, Ackbar led the defense of his homeworld, Mon Cala, during the Clone Wars and then masterminded the rebel attack on the second Death Star at the Battle of Endor. A jowled, mouse-eyed native of Sullust, Nien Nunb was an arms dealer and smuggler who piloted the Mellcrawler.

The era of frontier lawlessness that followed the Galactic Civil War led to the rise of the colorful pirate, Sidon Ithano, the subject of many an exaggerated cantina tale.The mysterious Varmik also makes its Pop! debut!"

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