Liontrooper Prints & AngPow from Nicholas Quah

Remember Nicholas Quah's Liontrooper graphic I featured not too long ago? Now this mash-up of A Lion Dance Head and a Storm Trooper helmet is available as a PRINT!

Three options to be had: Liontrooper A4 Print @ RM18, Liontrooper A4 Print + Frame @ RM38, and a handmade Liontrooper Big Angpow (Size: 23cm x 16cm) priced at RM28 each. Folks interested are to contact Nicholas via DM on his Facebook page. Have a Star Wars-licious Chinese New Year Ahead, folks!

WHAT-ARE "ANGPAOS" / 紅包: "In Chinese and other Asian societies, a red envelope, red packet, lai see or hongbao is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions such as weddings, graduation or the birth of a baby. Outside of China, similar customs exist across parts of South East Asia and many other countries with a sizable ethnic Chinese population." (Wiki)

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