#StarWars x Horror Icons for Halloween Releases by Credenda Studios on Oct 21st

Credenda Studios Denar Leatherface starwarsallday

Beau Greener from Credenda Studios sends word off two Halloween-releases happening this Friday the 21st at 6pm PST online at CredendaStudios.net - featuring the long awaited second runs of the sold out Denar Leatherface (above) and Bossk Lives (below) figures - both priced at US$50 each.

Credenda Studios Bossk Lives starwarsallday
PRESS: "The first figure mashes up the likes of the Star Wars Bounty Hunter, Dengar, with the iconic Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movies. the second figure available this friday is a blend of the infamous Star Wars Bounty Hunter, Bossk, with the Crystal Lake Killer, Jason Vorhees from the popular horror franchise, Friday the 13th."


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