Jedi Master Yoga by Jedi Master Jay for #DKEToys at #NYCC2016

DKE TOYS PRESS: "DKE is proud to be working with Jedi Master Jay for the first time. There are many of his figures already in our collection. It was the Black Power Droid that initially brought him to our attention. Jedi Master Yoga is a hand cast and painted 3.75" scale resin figure on card. Each one comes with a Yoga force serpent accessory. While the edition is 50 pcs only about 30 will make it to the show in time for NYC this year. $45 each."
Instagram @jedi_master_jay

Hailing from Burncity's Bootleg Bay Jedi Master Jay is an Australian bootlegger of Star Wars toys.
Jedi jumped on the Star Wars hipster band wagon of collecting Star Wars bootlegs, shunning the Disney / Lucas franchise of products. He then took the next step of starting to make his own toys. Not having the skills or patience to make 'designer toys', he took the more degenerate path of a toy 'bootlegger' Applying the same sample, remix, cut n paste principles picked up from years of DJing, Jedi's bootlegs sometimes convey a message but more often than not they're just for shits n giggles. So relax it's just a f**king bootleg."


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