#StarWars: #ROGUEONE - Supercut of ALL trailers

“Rebellions are built on hope…”, sayeth “Jyn Erso” in the upcoming ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY from director Gareth Edwards (“Godzilla 2014”), and regardless of reshoots and the track record of the last 4 incarnations of Star Wars on the silver screens (3 x Lucas prequels + unfortunately The Force Awakens”), I’d still want to have “hope” that this latest space opera would entertain and inspire … the “supercut” video seen above (edited by James Darling) combines all previous trailers into one single 6-minuter cohesive piece that essentially spells out the broad-story-strokes of the film (might or might not be chronological), scheduled to premier December 16th in the USA, and Dec 15th in Singapore.

May The Force Be With Us All!

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