TOYSREVIL Unboxes Kylo Ren Star Cars from Takara TOMY

I unbox a “Kylon Ren” STAR CARS from Takata TOMY, for which I have since adored the model car to bits! Absolutely digging the vintage-styled design-adaptation, with the red color accents on black a classic and tasteful treatment, and the “KYLO REN” white-on-red license plate being a delight!

Would I be too “toy-greedy” if I hope someone will make a LARGER model car, that could fit a Luo action figure inside? Gosh, but I miss the days of larger (affordable) vehicles…

Here are a select of images to share (and as well since uploaded HERE on Facebook), in anticipation of Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiering this week … and admittedly, my “sudden” propensity for “Kylo Ren”-merch …

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And there’s MORE…?


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