The Worlds of “The Last Jedi” (A Star Wars Featurette) & Hot Wheels Model Cars with Planets' Names

One of the oft overlooked aspect of the Star Wars lore, were (to me) the locales the characters had dwelled and fought in. It is one thing to have custom-made tailored costumes, alien-designed suits, and even spaceships, but the “biggest” background n these sci-fi-films, is the geographical backdrop - and by that I do not mean the blue/green-screen computer generated sort, yeah?

Build them in studio? Or dress up an existing location? Things like these intrigued me so (especially when I was actively designing for films & media “back in the day”… Location, LOCATION, LOCATION!) … these days however, I marvel at how even “LOCATION” can be used beyond a physical context!

#StarWars Jakku as a model car from #HotWheels

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Interestingly, I spotted these model cars (from Hot Wheels) at the local toystore, and was amazed the toymakers utilised the planets as name/inspiration for their model cars! I only saw two locales being used: “Mustafa” and “Jakku”. In Singapore, we will say; ”Like that also can, ah?”


#StatWars Mustafar as a model car by #HotWheels? I didn’t know they did planet-themed cars! Hahaha

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