The BBQ PORG InAction Figure by Forces Of Dorkness

This "BBQ Porg InAction Figure" by Scott Kinnebrew AKA Forces of Dorkness could well be your antidote to the Porg cuteness seen on-screen in The Last Jedi, as a constant reminder of ///// SPOILER ///// THAT scene around the campfire beneath the Millennium Falcon, that one starless night on the planet Ahch-To ... *licks-lips*

Alas this appropriated collectible has since listed to be Sold Out on the online store (Psst: Some extras might be listed tho, so stay sharp!)!

Priced at US$30 per, this was the description on the sales page:

"Stands 3 1/2" Tall and comes in custom resealable packaging. Package is approx 6" w x 9.5" tall. Each Porg is cast in resin from an original sculpt by me. I then hand paint it so it can be part of your epic toy collection. This is a preorder situation and all figures will be shipped by the end of the year. Each order includes a Forces of Dorkness sticker pack and a "resin figure" grab bag."


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