JJ "Jabber" Hut by RYCA for DesignerCon 2017

DKE TOYS PRESS: ”For some strange reason either Ryan Callanan likes to waste a lot of resin or he buys it in such volume that he can afford to just give it away. JJ "Jabber" Hut like the Wampapi and Stay Fresh man before are HUGE!!! How he can deliver such heavy pieces for only US$90 is unimaginable.”

This hand cast and painted 8" carded figure is in a Signed and Numbered edition of 30pcs, and can be had at the DKE Toys Booth #812 at the coming Designer Con 2017 in the Pasadena Convention Center, November 11-12th, 2017.

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ARTIST BIO: "Ryan’s work originally rose to fame through his involvement with the street art scene under the pseudonym “RYCA” (Instagram @ryca_art / ryca.net). Over the last five years however, he has developed an ever increasing presence and reputation creating prints and graphics under his own name. Through combining words and images from popular culture, with the materials and techniques traditionally associated with pub signs, he creates nostalgic, playful images that are both accessible and highly technically accomplished."


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