"RESOLUTE DETERMINATION" (決絶的信仰) - #RogueOne Chinese theme song sung by Jam Hsiao, featuring Donnie Yen on piano!

Chinese theme song "RESOLUTE DETERMINATION / 決絶的信仰“ for ROGUE ONE 《星球大戰外傳:俠盜一號》 - performed by Jam Hsiao, featuring Donnie Yen on piano! Stands to reason as the movie and Donnie himself are big in China, and that there'll be a larger push in the region!

The last time we heard Taiwanese singer Jam perform on a film-related theme song was for Netflix's "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny”, with Coco Lee!

Donnie’s role as Jedi Monk is one of the breakout roles in this latest incarnation of the Star Wars celluloid lore, and no doubt “toys” and collectibles are afoot - including Hot Toys’ offerings, and a few listed below, purchasable on Amazon (*Purchasing via these links will help support TOYSREVIL - Thank You!)


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