Superstar Destroyer by Bill McMullen & A Mini AD-AT Retrospective

Showing a prototype of my new project with #MunkyKing toys ⚡️On display at #DesignerCon booth number 435

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On display at the recent Designer Con (Nov 19-20, 2016) is the SUPERSTAR DESTROYER from Bill McMullen AKA Billions McMillions - which sees the “Imperial Destroyer” in “Star Wars” being sneakered-out, based on original Adidas Superstars!
Sometimes people ask why I used two whites in the illustration and toy. I point out that that's how the #Shelltoe was - the whites of the leather and the rubber never really matched, which I love. -shared Bill McMullen.
To be produced by Munky King Toys, the concept was earlier seen and released as a 6-color hand-pulled silkscreened print, a year ago at DesignerCon too!

Old-skool "urban vinyl" collectors would be familiar with Bill McMullen’s adidas-themed “AD-AT” - made with Span of Sunset and released in 2004 - which has most recently been manifested as a half-size replica, with #ADATpoint5 released at DesignerCon 2014, a decade after!

Another incarnation saw the ADAT Custom upsized to over 2-feet tall and coming in with a 3 3/4" #Joystik figure. In an edition of 10, they were released at San Diego Comic Con and we promptly Sold Out.

The first AD-AT had been one of my toy-grails since I started down this “art toy” life, and had even came across one a couple of years ago too! The price asked for was pretty reasonable I reckon (about SG$400 maybe?), but alas even then it had been financially out of my reach … *man-sob*

Here's the #Joystik customized figure it comes with... #ADATCustom at #SDCC #StreetHustleStrikesBack

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Here's the box... #ADATCustom at #SanDiegoComicCon #SDCC

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'OLD SCHOOL INVASION', 2001. giclee on canvas #BillMcMullen #MayThe4thBeWithYou

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Bill’s AD-AT x adidas iconology was also made into a larger-then-life sized sculpture installation at the THIS IS NOT A TOY show in Toronto, Canada, circa 2014 - as curated by the Design Exchange.
Coincidentally with my AD-AT sculpture showing here in Toronto, the Bata Shoe Museum is having an exhibit called 'The Rise Of Sneaker Culture'. Lots of heat in the 150 or so pairs on display. They have some original Adidas Superstars here, the shoe I based the AD-AT on.

Here are more pics to gawk at!

Giant ADAT project coming together for the Toronto #ThisIsNotAToy show. #ADATtorontoDX #Festool #Sweat #Tears

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