Corporate Vader by Crisp (for DKE Toys @ #ComplexCon 2016)


Colombian based street artist Crisp ( / Facebook / Instagram) is a customized 3.75” scale figure on a hand stenciled card back. Each card front has a 5 layered stencil with another stencil on the back. Signed and numbered edition of 50.

Priced at US$75, this item will be made available at DKE Toys’ Booth #J11 for COMPLEX CON (Nov 5-6, 2016) in Long Beach, California.


WHO-IS: ”Crisp is an Australian street artist currently based in Bogota, Colombia. He has been participating in art shows and the vibrant urban art scene and festivals since 2009. Crisp’s work deals with the aesthetics of both the natural and socio-political world. He predominately uses the stencil technique and medium to convey his vision on the streets of the world.  His use of street sculpture and masks adds another dimension and depth to his works in the street. You can find his street art in many cities across the world including Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Houston, Mexico City, Winnipeg, Sydney, London, Santa Marta, San Jose, Aruba and of course his adopted home of Bogota, Colombia.
He believes street art is an important uncensored pathway to highlight important issues and current affairs in a world where mass media is sponsored and controlled by politics, corporations and profit driven elements.  He enjoys juxtaposing pop culture icons with real life concepts to highlight the irony of modern society and culture. He actively participates and donates his work to numerous foundations and social projects to enrich other people’s lives through art. Art can impact people’s lives not just for individual viewers but through co-operation, education and social change.”


”Crisp recently was a finalist for the 2016 Stencil Art prize which is currently being exhibited as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival. Being an Australian a personal highlight for Crisp in 2015 was being invited by the Australian Ambassador in Colombia, to paint a large internal mural in the new Australian Consulate Office building in Bogota. In 2015, Crisp was one of a number of specifically selected artists including Sheppard Fairy, Retina, and Mr Brainwash, that were invited to donate works for the annual Kaleidoscope Gala ball in Los Angeles, which was hosted by Goldie Hawn and Halle Berry to raise funds for a local children’s hospital.”


”His ongoing artwork covers a variety of mediums and a range of techniques - stencils, stickers, paste-ups, masks, street sculptures, large and small murals and works on canvas. Through urban mediums he addresses relevant socio-political aspects of the world as well as purely personal aesthetic expression. Crisp counts himself lucky to be able to practice his art as well as assist others, both things about which he feels extremely passionate.”



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