Wookie Hash Pipe: Dose Vapors by Jim Mahfood for DKE Toys @ #SDCC2016

"Jim Mahfood, comic book artist extraordinaire, has created his own Sci-Fi universe series Wookie Hash Pipe. The first installment "Dose Vapors" is transformed from Jim's hand to real life by sculptor George Gaspar. Each figure is hand cast and hand painted resin and measures approx 4" tall (still 3.75" scale because he is a little taller than the other dudes). Comes with chapter 1 of the comic story on the back. What's in store for chapter 2? Stay tuned…"
In a signed and numbered edition of 50, each priced at US$100 (tax included), these will be available at Booth #5045 at San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 20-24).

FYI: This is just one the a ton of exclusives from DKE TOYS to be had at this year's SDCC!

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WOOKIE HASH PIPE, my new line of bootleg gonzo sci-fi toys, debuts at SDCC this month! The first figure is Dose Vapors, a hybrid mix of Darth Vader, Hunter S. Thompson, and Bill Murray's character Tripper from the movie Meatballs. Complete with sunglasses, dookie gold chains, and magic space bong. Available at the DKE Toys booth 5045. Hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figure. Only 50 made. Signed & numbered. Part 1 of the Wookie Hash Pipe comic strip is on the back of the toy packaging! Taste the adventure, follow the funk, people! http://plasticandplush.com/2016/07/sdcc16-dke-toys-batch-4.html @sarahjomarks #wookiehashpipe #dosevapors #dketoys #sdcc #scifi #gonzo #limitededition #spacebong #meatballs #starwars #toys #visualfunk #foodone #jimmahfood

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