“Jango Beast” custom-JOUWE by Hellomuaw for Star Wars Day Bandung #SWDBDG2016

WHO-IS: ””Jango Beast” was a hype boys bounty hunter, widely regarded to be the beast in the galaxy during the last years of the Galactic Republic."
Jango Beast” is a customized art toy by Indonesia artist Hellomuaw on a 3” tall JOUWE resin figure (created by Marine Ramdhani) in a Star Wars-theme, on show at the Jouwe Custom Show, for Star Wars Day Bandung event over the weekend, and we have more snaps to share, thanks to Hellomuaw (featuring pics by Adam Raidi Budiman / Instagram: @berbadanbesar).

: Jouwe Custom Show - @swdbdg 2016 #jouwe #toys #hellomuaw #urbantoys #toysdesigner #mytummytoys #swdbdg #starwars #jangofett

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