A Look at All Four Editions of Boba Fett from WhereChappell (Pre-Orders Begin April 15)

And while I've previously featured a sole painted FETT by UK-based WhereChappell, today we take a look at ALL FOUR of the 18cm tall resin figure editions (Jedi-Burgundy Gauntlet, Empire-Green Gauntlet, Holiday-Baby Blue and Proto-White) - all of whom will be available to Pre-Order from April 15th (@ 8pm UK time) online via on crackedhatchet.bigcartel.com @ only £19.99 apiece.

Do note that pre-Order will open for 1 week, so DO NOT nap on these, people! "Production will start 1 week later and will ship around 6-8 weeks later depending on Sales."


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