Star Wars Taiwan Fans Festival @ Taipei Syntrend Mall on Nov 21st

Remember that "Poe mon" & "BB 8 mon" custom by Sticky Monster Lab I featured last week? As updated, they were meant for the "Star Wars Taiwan Fans Festival - Star Wars Art Force Salute", and thanks to the event curator Mark Cheng (Founder of Phalanx Creative), we now have images and video to share!

Festivities include an exhibition titled "Star Wars Art Force Salute" (am really interested to see this) featuring artists' works, a massive 6 x film movie marathon, and a "flash mob"-styled melee of galactic proportions @ Taipei Syntrend Mall, in Syntrend Creative Park, where surrounded by 12 x cubic "columns" projecting Star Wars-themed images, 150 x mobbers and fans of the genre will be thoroughly emersed in geekdom! LET THE LIGHTSABERS HUM & CRACKLE IN BATTLE!

The performance begins 5pm SHARP on November 21st, so get your cameras ready folks! AND I wanna see footage too! Please hook me up, anyone? :)

想像一下.... 比這段影片規模大10倍的光劍大爆閃! 11/21 就在後天~~ 大伙們~咱們三創見

Posted by 蔡榮洲 on Thursday, November 19, 2015
台灣星戰粉絲嘉年華 Taiwan Star Wars Fan Festival: "全台最大星戰粉絲活動在三創生活園區登場,匯聚設計藝術和深度藏家的壓箱寶,展現台灣鐵粉們的星戰魂!精彩內容包含星戰藝術創作展,廣邀亞洲各國超過60位創作者,覽量身訂製、全球獨一無二的新作。星戰粉絲蒐藏展邀請專業級藏家,解放積累近40年的蒐藏原力。還有獨家影片播放、星戰科幻講座、星戰親子課程等豐富活動,讓星戰新舊粉絲一起打通任督二脈,點燃覺醒潛能!"


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