Previews for #StarWars-inspired customs for "JAN SOLO II" by Jan Calleja @ Artalyer Gallery (Nov 28) + Art Portal (Dec 11)

Jan Calleja shares with us news of his upcoming new solo show titled; "JAN SOLO II", which opens with a preview in Artalyer Gallery in Quezon City, Philippines on November 28, 2015 at 6pm, and the main show will be at Art Portal, Davao City, also in the Philippines on December 11, 2015 at 6:30 pm. And from the glorious images seen here, you'd be able to recognize the "theme" of the show…
"So all of my pieces for this exhibit is Star Wars themed but with with other design that are mixed with it, like an AT-AT mixed with a LAND ROVER DEFENDER design cues and a Volkswagen Beetle with a Tie Fighter Wing." - shared Jan.

Since even before his first solo show "Toys Don't Last" in 2014, Jan has been creating scratch-built pieces - first character-mecha-based, and especially for this show, on vehicular-based makes!

Featured above are images for his "XXX-WING SITH BUSTER" - with this scratchbuilt custom toy sized 36cm - Inspired by Star Wars' X-Wing and World War I's Fokker Dr1 Triplane (which was made famous by the Red Baron).

Featured below is yet another X-Wing-inspired built, and is also mashed with another design: The Scout SE 5 Biplane, also from WW1. Simply breathingly glorious!

Do scroll down to see MORE WIPs of his work for JAN SOLO II, and RSVP via his Facebook Events Page. The possibilities are mind-blowing, frankly speaking - I truly cannot wait to see further completed pieces!

Stay updated on his Instagram @jan_calleja :)


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