"Resin Masters Carrying Case" by DKE Toys for #SDCC2018 + "Darth Trump Resin Masters" by Special Ed Toys

DKE Toys announces their "Resin Masters Carrying Case" - set for a San Diego Comic Con 2018 (July 18-22) debut release at their booth #5045! Priced at US$50 per, this vintage style red vinyl carrying case features the Sucklord and 24 other artists represented! Empty case holds 24 figures, which'll be relatively "easy" to fill, what with the line-up of awesome toyness they will be unleashing at this year's SDCC!

The case itself is "repurposed" from a Super7 ReAction carry case, but features this absolutely amazing art painted by Jason Chalker AKA Manly Art, and would make a HELLA AWESOME PRINT (and it looks like it'll happen!) - as you can plainly see!

Artwork features toy characters by:
Barbarian Rage
Bill McMullen
Buzzard Guts - D.A.Marx
Credenda Studios
Dead Greedy
Dollar $lice Bootlegs
Good For You Toys
Green Plastic Tunnels
Janky Toys J
ay "toofless" O'Leary /TOOFY TOYS
Junk Fed/TS Rogers
Killer Bootlegs
Manly Art
Manny X Romero - Iconoclast Toys
Moc Toys
Random Skull Productions
Special Ed Toys
The Mark Ultra

Released in tandem, to go into your “Resin Master” carrying case, is the "Darth Trump Resin Masters" by Special Ed Toys (Made in collaboration with Timebandits - you might remember their sold out pre-painted editions from previous drops). This signed edition is priced separately at US$35.00. (Card art by MOC Toys).
"We hope that eventually each of the 25 artists on the carrying case will produce their character in the same all white format to complete the collection and fill up your case." - shared DKE Toys.

PSST: "If you can’t make it to San Diego please email dketoys@gmail.com to be placed on a waitlist for any leftovers after the show."


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