AT-AT Wood Sculpture by Amanda Visell

Amanda Visell has made a Star Wars “AT-AT” sculpted out of wood and hand-painted to look all Visell-Awesome, currently available to purchase online here for US$800.00 each. Limited to an edition of five sets, each At-At is sized (approx.) 12 inches tall, and comes with its very own attacking “Rogue-2” Snowspeeder attempting to cripple it by flying “cables” around its feet, which makes it DOUBLY AWESOME. You Decide!

A little WIP taste of what's coming up tomorrow

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AT-AT coming up today

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The AT-AT wood sculpture is up in the shop. Only 5. Link in profile.

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Why does this make me so sad??? #starwars #empire #thedarksideisagrayarea

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Relive the “Battle on Hoth” with this clip from “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” - arguably one of the BEST “Star Wars” films ever screened, IMHO! FYI: If you’ve no patience to indulge (no worries, I won’t judge you :p), you are recommended to skip to the second video clip to see the Snowspeeder taking down the AT-AT :)


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