Fools Paradise Reveals S.Troop at Coin Rides Game #5

With WIPs teased earlier, Hong Kong toy-brand Fools Paradise next offers folks a gawk at the FINISHED “S.Troop at Coin Rides Game #5” - alongside her fellow Star Wars-themed Coin Rides Game collectibles!

Included are the Darth Vader-in-TIE-fighter themed DARKSIDE K.X1, and as well BOBA K. SLAVE and SAND K.TROOP - (both of whom have been reviewed on TOYSREVIL! *Click to read).

Expect further product and possibly availability announcements for this "Scout-Trooper" themed Keiko soon…

Interesting as well, as I’d always assumed both the THE LAST RIDE and THE LAST WHY are part of Fool’s Paradise’s “Coin Rides Game”-series, but it doesn’t seem to be the case, as the numbering continues after KEIKO JOKER’s “#4”…


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