Star Wars Mooncakes from Mei-Xin Available In Singapore


The Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us (15th September), and what better way to celebrate the Chinese heritage, AND your love for Star Wars, with these Star Wars themed Mooncakes!

Two flavours are available: DARTH VADER (4 x Chocolate Lava Mooncakes) and STORMTROOPER (4 x Egg Custard mooncakes) - both of whom constitutes a “set” - with the SRP of each set SGD$104 - but purchased via Groupon is only $58! Check the link for further details …

Made by Hong Kong’s Mei-Xin bakery, this apparently is a legit product made in collaboration with Disney. For sure the collectibility is in the packaging / tin boxes! If I had the, I’d keep my SW action figures and trading cards inside hahaha

The mooncakes are perishables tho, so they need to enter your stomach … loving the Imperial emblem in the Darth Vader Mooncakes! … but am unsure if the Rebellion Emblem on the Stormtrooper mooncakes “work” hahaha.


Retail booths are available in select malls in Singapore tho, including West Gate, Tampines Mall (Yay! close to where I live!), Novena, NEX in Serangoon, Causeway Point, VIVO City etc - check in with their for further info, and for when their promotional booths end their run.


Credits: “Live” pics via Shazz Sloshed


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