My name is ANDY, and I am the owner of, and currently the sole author of the STARWARSALLDAY blog you are reading right now. I primarily blog about TOYS at TOYSREVIL, and as well be found instagramming and tweeting at @toysrevil :)


Herein lies all manner of geekery related to “Star Wars” - both inside of and outside of the Universe and lore - from collectibles to bwahahas to fan-made videos and fanart, BUT not too much "official" movie news, I'm afraid (there are plenty of sites out there who do a bang-up job anyways) ... HERE? We take a wwwbreak, enjoy the memories and theories, have a good smirk and a laugh, no hassle, no fuss :)


For all news submissions, headsup, enquiries and freebies to StarWarsAllDay can be contacted directly at "toysreviler [at] gmail.com".

**I retain the Right of Refusal to publish any information sent to myself or "StarWarsAllDay”.


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