Concrete Star Wars Collectibles by MM Mrkt

MM mrkt is a Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia based brand that makes product made of concrete - with urban minimalist home decor their forte. I’d “discover” them at the Public Garden Consumer Trade Show, happening at Suntec City Convention Hall 403 (Sept 24-25, 2016), and bought a trio of head-sculpts (shown below), as well as left gagging for their Millennium Falcon!

Scroll down for snaps, or head on over to their Instagram @mm_mrkt
and www.facebook.com/MMmrkt for more peeks!

#DarthVader in concrete by @mm_mrkt - with all three pieces finished in metallic silver FTW!

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Using “concrete” as a material for miniature pieces is not a wholly “new” concept, and seems to be the new trend, with South East Asia region moving forward with both pop-culture themed and collectibles toys in recent times.

This is the first time I’d managed to see them up-close! And I am a “tactile-influenced” sorta person, so palming it in my sweaty hands, I knew I needed to get them! Damned be the lack of display space at home, but I’ll let my blog(s) do the showcasing for them for the time being LOL

Featured below are Star Wars-themed pieces straight from their Instagram!

Got the Star Wars fever? Cure it with these concrete R2D2, Millennium Falcon and Han Solo figurines! Bigger and better than before, you can now add these concrete figurines into your home decoration. Get them now and make your friends envious or excited. *Due to the amount of work needed to make this large series and to ensure that the highest possible quality will be delivered to you, we can only offer pre-orders.* Expected delivery dates for the first batch will be in March 2016. Don't miss out and pre-order now! Check out our Facebook for more details. #MMmrkt #MM_mrkt #concrete #cement #homedecor #modern #interior #design #decoration #urban #minimalist #handmade #madeinmalaysia #lokalah #makersmalaysia #diy #diymalaysia #starwars #preorder #r2d2 #millenniumfalcon #hansolo

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STAR WARS: The Irregulars - A Star Wars Fan Film

“A rag-tag team of hired guns are sent by the Republic on a do or die mission to Takodana. If everything went as planned, we wouldn't need to tell you the story…”
A prime example of a large focus on SFX and CGI, with the props and costumes looking excruciatingly and sadly like an “after-thought”, IMHO. Like a “nil” budget for the Art Department, they even had to borrow the black gaffer tape from the grips … but “fun”, it is otherwise! :)

"Jakku: First Wave" a Star Wars Fan Film

“Jakku: First Wave” is a Star Wars fan film centered around three Imperial Stormtroopers right before the battle of Jakku. Don’t expect much lasers and fights SFX in this short, but be warmed to the plight of these soldiers … #StormTrooperLivesMatter

Writer/Director: Benjamin Eck
Director of Photography: Andrew Brinkhaus
Joseph Bearor
Aaron Goddard
Tyler Wolfe

Composer: Justin R. Durban
Production Audio: Eddie Coleman
Gaffer: Giulia Governo
Key Grip: Ravi Gahunia
Camera Asst.: Chase Hilt
On Set Photographer: Mike Filewicz

Armor provided by 501st Legion members
Taylor Fiore and Rudy Contreras



UME Toys’ #BobaFett-inspired BOBAGEEK Drops Sept 23rd

BobaGeek 1

UME TOYS PRESS: ”Just because you are one of the galaxy's deadliest bounty hunters doesn't mean you can't be cute. Introducing 'BobaGeek' the merc with fuzzy butt. Each hand made and painted resin collectable comes shipped in a header carded bag, signed on the base with a collectors card.

This will be a limited run and the preorder window opens on Friday 23rd September at 9:00pm London time and will close on Sunday 25th at the same time.
(Purchase Here for £35.50 each / www.umetoys.net)

BobaGeek 2
Painted WIP:

Initial WIP:


BOBETT by Wetworks for Limited Online Release on Sept 15th

Scheduled for an online release this coming Thursday September 15th at 9AM PDT (9am LA / 5pm UK) via wetworks.bigcartel.com is BOBETT by Carlo Andrada Cacho AKA Wetworks! (First Seen HERE).

Limited to 40pcs (first run), the hand-painted resin collectibleBobettfirst made it’s debut at the recent STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016), and quickly left his table in search of intergalactic bounty, leaving only 10 pieces to be had via the online release, each priced at US$75! So folks should not twaddle on with their trigger fingers in perpetual carbonite freeze, as I seriously doubt it’ll stay up for too long!

The figure comes packed in a (removable) blister-boil, on a lux thick backing board, featuring art by Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos - who also did the artwork for Stranger Things’ DUSTIN! (Full Pic).

Here’s a #playingwith video to show my bounty from the weekend, with this non-articulated piece one of the highlights from the annual show, bar none!

Seen @ STGCC2016:

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Hasbro Reveals The Black Series Imperial Stormtrooper Helmet

I've naught the time to post my folder-full of Hasbro toy reveals ("Leaks" or otherwise) yet, but THIS needs to be done stat!


DARTH MAUL by Danny Tran of Plastic Cell

DARTH MAUL sculpted and hand-painted by Danny Tran, available to purchase here for US$375.00 apiece.
"This 5-inch resin sculpture was sculpted using extra firm polymer clay, hand-molded, and casted using high quality urethane plastic. Each hand-painted resin sculpture was numbered and packed in a custom sleeve signed by the artist. MADE IN USA"


Star Wars Mooncakes from Mei-Xin Available In Singapore


The Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us (15th September), and what better way to celebrate the Chinese heritage, AND your love for Star Wars, with these Star Wars themed Mooncakes!

Two flavours are available: DARTH VADER (4 x Chocolate Lava Mooncakes) and STORMTROOPER (4 x Egg Custard mooncakes) - both of whom constitutes a “set” - with the SRP of each set SGD$104 - but purchased via Groupon is only $58! Check the link for further details …

Made by Hong Kong’s Mei-Xin bakery, this apparently is a legit product made in collaboration with Disney. For sure the collectibility is in the packaging / tin boxes! If I had the, I’d keep my SW action figures and trading cards inside hahaha

The mooncakes are perishables tho, so they need to enter your stomach … loving the Imperial emblem in the Darth Vader Mooncakes! … but am unsure if the Rebellion Emblem on the Stormtrooper mooncakes “work” hahaha.


Retail booths are available in select malls in Singapore tho, including West Gate, Tampines Mall (Yay! close to where I live!), Novena, NEX in Serangoon, Causeway Point, VIVO City etc - check in with their www.facebook.com/SGmeixin for further info, and for when their promotional booths end their run.


Credits: “Live” pics via Shazz Sloshed

Rogue One - 1/6th scale Death Trooper (Specialist) from Hot Toys

HOT TOYS PRESS: ”Coming this December, the highly anticipated Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will take fans on an all-new epic adventure where a group of unlikely heroes band together on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon of destruction during a time of conflict.

Today Hot Toys is thrilled to firstly introduce one of the most striking new troopers from the film – the 1/6th scale Death Trooper (Specialist) collectible figure!

The highly-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Death Trooper in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It stands approximately 32.5cm tall featuring a finely crafted black colored armor, helmet with LED light-up function, highly detailed Death Trooper blaster rifle and pistol, and a specially designed figure stand!

Star Wars fans shouldn’t miss the opportunity to have this incredible Death Trooper (Specialist) to jump start your Rogue One: A Star Wars Story collection as this collectible figure will be firstly available on September 30 in selected markets. It is time to #GoRogue!”


FETT BOY (BIG DADDY Edition) from ImagineNation DesignStudios


The Philippines, Manila-based ImagineNation DesignStudios releases their pre-painted resin “FETT BOY (BIG DADDY EDITION)” collectible!

Standing 14-inches tall, this edition features the Jango Fett-blues, versus the previously released Boba Fett-green (who is currently available to purchase here for US$350.00).

Fett Boy (Big Daddy Edition)” is limited to only 5pcs worldwide (*GASP*), each priced at US$350 (+shipping). Folks interested are to email ins.designteam@gmail.com to sort yourselves out with this slice of awesomeness!


ROGUE ONE Action Figures from S.H.Figuarts

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With the current “toy leaks” and “first looks” at toys from Hasbro and the likes in the United States - for the coming “ROGUE ONE” A Star Wars Story” movie - raging thru the interwebs, we will instead first have a look at what Japan’s S.H.Figuarts has in-store!

Scheduled for availability between December 2016 and January 2017, do check in with your fav retailers for availability and pricing!

Source: tamashii.jp