I Wish I Had More Star Wars Toys...

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With the excitement for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS looming beyond the galactic horizon of next week (the film premieres Dec 17, the day after my annual eye checkup btw, and I hope to watch the movie without an eye-patch on) ... - I also feel the lack of SW toys in my humble collection, having loosely purchased figurines throughout the years but never truly focused on specific characters besides Stormtroopers ...

My plan is/was to feature a SW toy each day until the premiere, but alas I do not think I have that many figures worth a feature, and by that I hope not to "recycle" older toys who had previously had a time in the spotlight on this blog before ... but who knows? Heh.

Toy credits left-to-right: "Brienne" bought from QUICCS / 6-Armed SPIDAHOPPER by Topz Greenfull ToyDsign (a TOYSREVIL 10x10 Exclusive edition & a gift - thanks buddy!!!), and two loose figures bought in Bandung circa 2009.

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